About Us

Foamaster Insulation and Foamaster GeoFoam is the result of many years of experience in the healthcare and construction industries.

Shane Batson, CEO

Shane Batson, CEO of Foamaster Group LLC, owned and operated a construction company concurrent to a career in healthcare over the past 15 years.

Being in the healthcare environment and communication with C-level executives and surgeons enabled Batson to execute with precision while maintaining a consistently high level of customer service. 

The construction company built full custom homes and custom spec homes. Batson focused on promptness, innovation and using new technologies to build homes that improved people’s lives. Because of the competitive nature of the construction industry, the business decided to set itself apart and focus on energy efficient building practices.  

In 2015, rather than continuing to build homes, Batson decided to focus on working with homeowners and builders to build the most efficient homes possible. So…

….Foamaster Insulation was BORN.

In 2018, Batson began laying the foundation to launch Foamaster GeoFoam in early 2019, the concrete lifting and leveling side of Foamaster Group.